Hague Apostille Legalisation Service

The apostille certificate is added to a document that is to be used outside of the UK. When a document is required in an official capacity by an authority or organisation, apostille legalisation is often requested before the document will be accepted. We can legalise your documents for just £54 including all fees.

apostille legalisation guaranteeLegalising a document by apostille is often a new experience for many of our customers. You may not have heard of the apostille before and it is normally requested by someone in another country. Our apostille service is provided to simplify the process and to ensure that your document is issued with the apostille certificate without delay. To order your apostille visit our order page or read the apostille documents pages.

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What we do.

The first thing we do is check that your document is suitable for the apostille certificate. Not all documents are presented in the same way. Your document may need to be certified by a solicitor or an official certified copy may need to be created. Other documents must be original versions and copies are not acceptable. We will provide you with clear advice for your circumstances and assist you in obtaining correct documentation where necessary. We can also arrange for our solicitor to certify your documents where necessary.

Having checked your documents and certified them as required we will personally attend the Foreign Office to arrange for the apostille to be issued. Whilst your documents are in our possession we will ensure that they are handled with the care and attention they deserve.

We guarantee to have the apostille certificate issued or in the unlikely event that this is not possible a full refund is always provided.

Once the apostille has been attached to your document we will return them to you by first class post at no extra charge. Alternatively you can order special delivery, international airmail or international courier as detailed on our order form.

Why choose our apostille service?

  • Informative and helpful advice from our customer service team
  • Many years of apostille legalisation experience
  • Solicitor certification included
  • All genuine UK documents processed
  • Guaranteed Service - no apostille = no charge
  • Quick service
  • Free advice - Call or email us now
  • Free return post
  • Updates on your order by phone or email on request
  • International delivery of documents
  • All payment cards accepted
  • Discounts for large orders and regular customers

hague apostille serviceIf you have any questions we are on hand during normal office hours to assist you. If you need an update on your order status you can call or email us for a prompt reply. Our high levels of customer support provide you with the assurance that your documents are safe with us.