Registering a UK Birth with Apostilles

Children born in the UK may need to have the birth registered or recognised in another country. This may require a UK birth certificate being legalised with a Hague Apostille.

Our all inclusive service ensures that UK birth certificates are correctly issued with the apostille and returned to you in just a few days.

When a UK birth certificate has been issued with an apostille certificate it should be accepted internationally by other countries that are members of The Hague Convention.

To order an apostille for a birth certificate please print the order form available on our how to order page.

It is occasionally necessary for a couple to have a marriage certificate or copies of passports also issued with an apostille when registering a birth outside the UK.

An example of when a birth is registered abroad-

A UK citizen may marry someone from South Africa. The wedding was conducted and recorded in the UK. The couple may have a child born in the UK but they choose to register the birth in South Africa also. This may require an apostille on the child’s UK birth certificate and may also require an apostille on the UK marriage certificate.

This is only a guide and South Africa is used as an example country only. We can assist you in obtaining an apostille for all countries where a UK birth needs to be registered. If you are registering a UK birth outside of the UK we suggest that you contact the countries relevant government office to ascertain which documents will need the apostille certificate.