Apostille for Death Certificate

We can issue all registrar issued UK Death Certificates with the Hague apostille. Our service ensures that the certificate will be correctly issued with the apostille for use abroad. We accept all certificates from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you need to confirm a person's death to an authority outside of the UK, they may request that you provide an official death certificate with the apostille attached. This is common when dealing with a person's estate when assets or bank accounts are held overseas.

We can only process official death certificates from the registrar and coroners reports signed by the coroner. You can send us either the original death certificate or an official registrar copy. We are not able to issue the apostille on photocopies of the death certificate. Even if the certificate has been witnessed or sealed by a solicitor or Notary Public it is still not possible to issue an apostille. We can only issue the apostille on genuine death certificates.

To order your apostille today please print the order form available on our order page.

We can also legalise court papers, last wills and testaments, probate documents and other related documents to assist you with you legal matters outside of the UK.

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