certificate of incumbency

Certificate of Incumbency and Apostille Legalisation

A certificate of incumbency is often required by UK companies who are trading overseas or have directors who are based outside the UK. The certificate can display a variety of details about the company. This includes anything from the company name to details about the shareholders.  

There is no set format for issuing the certificate of incumbency which means the document can include a variety of different details about the company. The most common information included on the certificate is to confirm the current company structure including the country of registration, company number, official address, and details of the company officers and shareholders. In addition to this information the certificate can include any of the following details:

  • Details of where the company registers are held
  • Details of any mortgages or charges
  • Details of the bank account signatories
  • Details of company officers that can enter into an agreement on behalf of the company
  • Confirmation that the company is in good standing and not in liquidation
  • Confirmation that no action has been taken to close the company and no proceedings are pending or threatened against the company

The certificate of Incumbency is not a government-issued document and would be signed by an authorised signatory for the company or by the agent issuing the certificate.If you require a formal document issued by a UK government office a Certificate of Good Standing is an alternative option. This is issued and signed by an officer at Companies House.

If you are intending to use the certificate of incumbency outside the UK it will also require legalisation before it is accepted overseas. We can assist with issuing the certificate of incumbency for your UK Company and legalising the document with the apostille. Our service includes creating the document, arranging for certification by a UK solicitor and legalisation with the apostille certificate.

If you require a certificate of incumbency for your company to use overseas order online today or contact a member of the team. We can then discuss which information you require on the certificate.

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