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Changes to Chinese Legalisation - November 2019

As of the 8th of November 2019, the process for legalising UK documents for use in China will be changing. Applications will now be submitted to the Chinese embassy via a Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in either London, Manchester or Edinburgh.

The visa centres have been introduced to reduce the administrative burden on the embassy by handling submitted applications. The embassy will still ultimately be issuing the attestation stamps to documents and will still be in charge of decision-making with respect to the eligibility of documents for legalisation.

What is Chinese Legalisation?

In order for documents originating from the UK to be legally recognised in China there are certain legalisation steps that should be followed. Namely, documents should be signed by a legal official, such as a solicitor or notary, legalised by the FCO with the apostille and then attested by the Chinese embassy in the UK.

We provide an all-inclusive service to ensure your documents are correctly legalised for use in China.

How will this affect our Customers?

As a result of the changes introduced by the embassy, the embassy fees and processing costs of the service will be increasing. The application process will remain the same. Similarly, the expected processing time is expected to be approximately the same although we may see faster turnaround times in the future.

The new fees for our service can be found here.

If you require assistance with legalising your documents for use in China, or if you have any questions regarding these changes, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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