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Expanding Your Business - You May Need an Apostille

Having established a successful business in the UK you may be considering expansion overseas. This may be the distribution of your products, supplying services to foreign businesses or opening an overseas operation. Before you can start working abroad you may need to provide company documents to the relevant government bodies. In most circumstances you will need to legalise your documents with an apostille or attest them with the countries embassy in the UK.

Why is Certification so Important?

Apostille certification may or may not be necessary in the nations that you are planning on conducting your business. It is always recommended that you clarify this with the business you are working with or contact the foreign office of the country for guidance. The legalisation of documents is a prerequisite in many states.

When an apostille is added to an official document it authenticates it for international use. The apostille verifies the signature or stamp that is applied to the document. This allows you to use your company documents in an official capacity in another country. In some instances you may also need to obtain further document attestation from the relevant embassy, consulate or hign commission. 

The organisation that you are doing business with will not accept your documents if they are not processed correctly. They may need to verify the company owners, check the constitution documents, or request contracts and agreements are certified correctly.

Contracts and agreements between your company and international distributors or agents are not the only documents that can be certified by the apostilles. In fact, you can have documents certified to register a new company overseas, open international bank accounts or simply to prove who controls your own business.

Finding the Right Certification Service

Regardless of the documents that you have to be certified, it is important to recognise that not all apostille certification services are the same. There are some service providers that require you to send all documents for approval through traditional mail, which is rather slow for most fast-paced business owners trying to launch a company. Modern certification services can now check and verify many documents that are supplied through e-mail. This significantly speeds up the process and simplifies the service. We are happy to download your company documents from Companies House.

Additionally you should look for a low cost service provider. The legalisation of documents can become an expensive process, especially if you have many documents to process. Experience here, can save you time and money.

Locate an apostille service that not only allows you to save on the cost of postage by emailing, but also provides their services for a low rate. Some companies that process very few documents will charge their traditional fees for service, and then add additional solicitor fees to their prices. Efficient legalisation services process many documents every day and pass on these savings to the customers. Identifying the right apostille UK service provider can help to ensure your business saves time and money.

When you have been asked to provide documents to another organisation outside the UK you should ensure the documents are correctly handled. Conducting business with foreign companies requires a professional approach. When researching legalisation and why you need an apostille always contact a reputable company for assistance with your important paperwork.

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