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Finding The Best Apostille Service

When you need an apostille from the legalisation office, you will find that there are several companies to choose from. While you can pick and choose from the results delivered on an internet search, it is important to understand that not all apostille service companies provide the same level of service and advice. You will find some companies that have poor professional practices, some that do not have secure offices and even a few people offering fake apostilles and fake documents. Unfortunately we have spoken to a few individuals have actually fallen prey to scams that exist when searching for an online apostille. While these situations are rare, you need to be sure that you are working with the best service for all of your certification needs.

Take a look at some of the ways you can help to weed out the poor professionals from the quality legalisation service you should be working with.
Processing Times

When you send your documents to an apostille service, you need to know that they are considered a priority. Even if you are not’t in a hurry to receive your certified documents, time is of the essence and your personal documents should not be kept out of your possession for an extended period of time. In most cases, you should look for a legalisation office that offers a two day turnaround. Anyone offering a slow service may be using third parties and your documents will not be secure.

Inclusion of Solicitor Fees

There are some offices who deceive their clients by quoting one price for their documents, and then start adding further solicitor fees upon receipt of your order. Ask upfront about any potential fees, or find out if they are included in the quote received. They should offer a wide range of certification and apostille services.

Multiple Methods of Communication

Reputable apostille services should offer a number of different ways to communicate with them, including traditional mail, phone, e-mail or online chat services. There are some service providers that do not answer their phones, whilst others make life easy for their clients and permit them to transmit documents via e-mail when possible.

Free Advice

Everyone needs help at some point when it comes to the documents that require certification and how the process works. A good legalisation office will offer you advice free of charge.


Don’t let an apostille office try to make the process of certification more confusing than it needs to be. Quality professionals will attempt to make it as simple as possible for you and try to remove jargon from communication.


It is possibly the first time that you have been asked to get an apostille on a document. There are several service companies to choose from in the UK, so if you are not happy with the information provided, or your documents may not be kept securely, you are not obligated to work with any particular company.

Embassy Attestation

Many documents need to be further certified or legalised with a consulate or high commission. This is often referred to as embassy attestation applies to countries that are not members of the Hague Convention. Make sure your get best advice on embassy attestation if required.

How to proceed
As a tip, try reaching out to an apostille service, which meets your needs, for both price and customer service. Depending on the way that your questions are answered and the treatment that you are given, this could be a good indication of whether or not you want to work with that company.

There are clearly a number of different reasons why you might want to conduct some research before simply choosing the first legalisation office you find. You need to know that your important and personal documents are not only safe, but that you are working with a company that truly wants to help you. 
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