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Legalising Company Documents with the Apostille

When looking to engage in business activities overseas it is likely that you will need to have different company documents legalised with the apostille. We see many company documents pass through our office which are used for many different purposes.

When attempting to enter new markets or set up a new branch of the company overseas it is likely that the company will be requested to provide copies of its incorporation documents legalised. Some of the most common documents we legalise are the Certificate of Incorporation and the Memorandum & Articles of Association. However, it is worth checking with the authorities overseas requesting the documents what is required. We also see documents such as meeting minutes, certificates of good standing, certificates of incumbency and many other documents legalised with the apostille.

If a UK company is looking to form links abroad or have an overseas company sell their products then the apostille may also be required on company documents. This can be the incorporation documents although we often see that different documents are requested. Many businesses legalise contracts or agreements that are signed by company officers. These agreements typically contain the information regarding the formal agreement between the two companies and will then be signed by both parties to show they are agreeing to this. Sometimes meeting minutes may be requested also so the authorities overseas have a copy of the decision made by the company.

Establishing company services overseas it is likely that some documents relating to the company will need to be apostilled. There are many different company documents which could be requested so we always recommend that you check before proceeding what documents need to be legalised. We work with many people dealing with different authorities all over the world who request a range of different documents so it is important to check this before proceeding.

One of the benefits of using our service is that a majority of documents can be sent to us by email. We can check these against public registers and arrange for them to be certified before the apostille is attached. This will save you time and money and forms an essential part of the service we offer.

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