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You’ve just been asked to get an apostille and you’re now wondering how to get one. You have two solutions. Deal with the government, or deal with a recognised apostille service.

Option 1

Contact and navigate your way through the instruction pages. Try calling them and you get a call center. Try to send an email for information, and wait, and wait and wait a little longer. You see where this is going. Having established what documents you can or cannot send to the FCO, you can now post your document to them and wait, and wait. OK, it’s not that bad, but it does take around 2 weeks to get your document back. If your document could not be verified, you are back to square one and need to resolve the problem with the document and start again.

Option 2

We make ordering your UK apostille certificate is simple. Recognised service providers are able to expedite the legalisation of UK documents. Hand processing documents with the FCO we can issue the apostille certificate on all UK issued documents in just 1-2 days.

We take care of the complete service and assist with solicitor certification too. If you are not sure which service you require please visit our documents we can legalise page for a list of common documents we process.

To order follow these simple steps-
1. Print the order form or pay for services online
2. Post the order form and your document to us
3. We will complete your order and issue the apostille in 1-2 days and return your documents to you by post

You may also be able to email your documents to us. Please check our email documents for apostille page as not all documents can be sent electronically.
When you are happy to proceed you can simply post the documents to-

The Apostille Service
3 The Quadrant

If you need any more advice or help ordering please do not hesitate to contact us. We can legalise UK documents for all countries that are members of the Hague Convention. Our embassy attestation service ensures other states documents are also certified correctly.

The Hague apostille service is fully inclusive off all fees. We ensure your documents are checked, solicitor certified if required, issued with the apostille and returned back to you. Most apostilles are issued in just 2 days. Let us take care of your document legalisation with our hassle fee, professional service.
Our apostille service can save you time and money. Most documents are processed in just 24 hours but this is dependent on checking the documents. We can accept company documents by email to speed up the turnaround time. It is often acceptable to collate documents into sets. This can significantly reduce the costs when processing several documents for one country.

If you prefer the easy life, then contact us to provide you with a professional apostille service at the best prices.

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We believe our service to be the most efficient and low cost apostille service available. Our turnaround is quick, processing most documents in just 2 days. We understand you may have just found our website, so why choose us? You can find out more information about us here.