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We Are Open - Service Update

You are probably trying to find a service to legalise your documents with the apostille. Every day we are asked a few standard questions. The first point to address is that WE ARE OPEN. The FCO may be closed to the public, but we are working with the FCO as a service provider to obtain the apostille for the public. We are a registered UK legalisation service.

Are we open?

Yes, we are OPEN! Our office is open during normal working hours. You can post your documents to us for the apostille. However, we are not meeting customers face to face as we have implemented social distancing measures.

Are we still issuing the apostille?

Yes! The apostille service is open and we are legalising documents in just 1 to 2 days. We are a registered apostille service with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. At the time of writing only registered apostille services are able to issue the apostille.

How long does it take to get the apostille?

Most apostilles are completed in just 1 to 2 days. Occasionally, an order may take a couple of days longer as the FCO may restrict the number of documents we can submit or further document checks may need to be done.

Are the embassies open?

Most embassies are open. There are some delays as embassies implement social distancing. There are also backlogs to clear due to previous closures. Here is a list of embassies that are currently not attesting documents-

  • China
  • - Only processing very urgent documents once a week. (e.g you have been summoned to court in China, you need to repatriate a dead body). Visa applications are not deemed urgent.
  • Saudi Arabia
  • - Totally closed until further notice.

What if my document is rejected?

Occasionally a document may be rejected by the FCO. This is normally because the person that signed the document is not recorded on the government’s database of recognised signatories.

During the Covid-19 the FCO will not be attempting to verify unknown signatories. They do not have enough time to communicate with registrars, solicitors, doctors, vets or government offices. They are focusing on processing orders that are easy to complete. In these circumstances, we will do everything we can to assist you and make recommendations.

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