Apostilles for Criminal Record Checks

There has been a significant increase in the number of criminal record checks that require an apostille over recent years. As more UK citizens relocate abroad or look for employment in overseas countries there has been a greater requirement for the apostille to be used on background checks.

Organisations, companies, schools and other bodies outside the UK will often request the apostille for criminal record checks as part of their vetting criteria. If you do not have an apostille on a recently produced criminal record check then the document may not be accepted.

Apostille for Death Certificate

We can issue all registrar issued UK Death Certificates with the Hague apostille. Our service ensures that the certificate will be correctly issued with the apostille for use abroad. We accept all certificates from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

If you need to confirm a person's death to an authority outside of the UK, they may request that you provide an official death certificate with the apostille attached. This is common when dealing with a person's estate when assets or bank accounts are held overseas.


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