Why the Apostille is Sometimes Called Attestation

Adding an apostille to a document is often referred to as the attestation. It may also be called, certification or getting a document apostilled.

The most common, and arguably correct term, is legalisation. Documents are legalised for use in another country when the apostille has been attached.

For clarity, attestation is by definition the confirmation of correctness. It also refers to the witnessing of an action or event. It is therefore easy to see why the apostille service may be referred to as attestation.

Marriage Commonwealth

Getting Married in a Commonwealth Country

We often hear from clients who are having difficulty obtaining a certificate of no impediment when planning to get married in a country that is a member of the commonwealth. Although this document is frequently requested, the UK does not issue this document for marriages in commonwealth countries. Conflicting information from the local authorities in the country you intend to marry will undoubtedly cause confusion, fortunately there are alternatives.
Original or Copy?

Legalising Original or Copy Documents

We process thousands of documents of year ranging from Powers of Attorney to birth certificates and everything in between. There is one question we are nearly always asked, “will my original document be legalised or can you process a copy?” and the answer is nearly always, “that depends”.


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