Driving Licence

Document Legalisation

Driving licences are often legalised when applying for jobs overseas that require a driving licence or as proof of identity.

When providing evidence of identity, the driving licence is used as photo ID or address ID.

We make the apostille service as simple as possible.

For ONLY £66 we arrange for a copy of your Driving Licence to be solicitor certified and issued with the apostille.

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  • Frequently used for:

    • Proof of Identity
    • Applying for Driving Jobs
  • Processing time:

    1 to 2 Days

Original or Copy?

We can only legalise copies of driving licences. The apostille cannot be added to the original card version or the paper counter part (for older versions).

The apostille is a paper certificate that is glued to another document and then embossed. It is not possible to attach it to a plastic card.

Complete Service

For just £66 we-.

  • Check your documents.
  • Make a colour photocopy of the licence.
  • Get the copy document signed and certified by our solicitor.
  • Issue the apostille in just 1-2 days.

How to order an apostille for your driving licence?

Simply order the apostille service online and post the original licence to us using a secure delivery method. We can also verify driving licences from email copies. This will increase the fee so please contact us for advice if you would prefer not to post the original licence to us.