Apostille Set of Documents

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Bound set of documents with one apostille. Includes checking documents, legally binding documents, solicitor certification and apostille.

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Producing a bound set of documents is a cost effective way of legalising several documents. Our solicitor will prepare and sign a cover sheet detailing the documents before attaching a permanent legal fastener. The apostille is then issued to the cover sheet of the set of documents. This can save you money, but we recommend you check if a bound set of documents will be accepted by the person requesting the documents.

COMPANY DOCUMENTS are frequently legalised as a set. This is common for business that need to send copies of incorporation documents and other papers outside of the UK. We can also assist with downloading documents from Companies House.

ACADEMIC DOCUMENTS may also be bound into sets. This is typically done by making copies of the original certificates However, we can create sets of original documents if required.

If you are not sure whether a bound set of documents will be suitable, please seek advice from the authority requesting the documents. Documents being submitted to some embassies or countries may need their own apostille. It is essential that you check if a set of documents is suitable or we recommend you order an individual apostille for each document.

Please note that some documents should not be included in a set of documents. DO NOT send the following documents to be included in sets – birth, marriage or death certificate, certificate of no impediment, court document, power of attorney, criminal record background checks, doctors notes, and most documents that are included in our standard apostille only service.