Certificate of Good Standing - Fast Service

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Providing a fast service obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) for your UK registered Limited Company, LLP or Limited Partnership. The expedite service takes approximately 2 working days.

Order Now - 'Add to Cart' and click on the cart above. Checkout and send us an email with the company name and registration number. We do the rest!

Update 17/03/2020. This product is currently unavailable. Companies House have suspended expedite services until further notice.

Apostille, Documents

We will contact you to confirm which of the following details you would like displayed on the certificate-

  • Registered office address
  • Company Director names (and service addresses if requested)
  • Company Secretary names (and service addresses if requested)
  • Any previous name changes the company has made

When we have confirmed all of the details required we can order the COGS from Companies House.

PLEASE NOTE - If you need an apostille on your COGS you will need to order the apostille service in addition to this product - ORDER YOUR APOSTILLE