PHILIPPINE Attestation + Apostille Personal Document

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Legalising UK documents for use in the Philippines. Includes Government certificates and previously certified personal documents. Includes- Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates - HMRC Documents - No Impediments - Court Documents - Documents signed by a solicitor or notary public. Please see the list below for more documents.

  • Apostille from FCO
  • Philippine attestation from embassy

Complete Attestation Service -

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14/05/2019 - Embassy legalisation is no longer needed for The Philippines. Please click here for more information. 

We legalise personal documents for use in the Philippines in just a few days. This service is ideal for documents relating to an individual that do not require any solicitor certification. If you have commercial or business documents please order the correct service.

Our all inclusive service ensures we successfully legalise your documents with the Philippine embassy on your behalf. Documents being used in the Philippines must be issued with both the apostille and the embassy will apply an additonal cover sheet to the documents. We take care of the entire process to save you time and money.

When sending documents to us, please include a copy of the passport for the person detailed on the document.

Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate
Grant of Probate
Affidavits Witnessed by a Solicitor
Power of Attorney Witnessed by a Solicitor (not a business POA)
Lasting Power of Attorney registered with the Office of the Public Guardian
Criminal Record Bureau Checks (CRB)
Basic or Enhanced Disclosures (signed)
Disclosure Scotland (signed by an officer or Solicitor)
Access Northern Ireland
ACPO – ACRO – NPCC Certificates
Police Letters
Last Will & Testament stamped by a court or signed by a solicitor
No Impediment Certificate
Subject Access Reports
Decree Absolute or Nisi
Deed Poll of Name Change signed by a solicitor
HMRC Confirmation of Residency (for a person)
HMRC Letters signed by an HMRC officer (for a person)
Solicitor Signed Documents (for a person)
Notary Public Witnessed Documents (for a person)

Please note the pictures we provide are for reference only. We accept all genuine UK documents and the stamps applied by the embassy can vary occasionally.