Replacement Document - Expedite

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Replacement document service for births, marriages or deaths registered in the UK. Price includes VAT.

Documents are obtained in typically 2 working days as part of the expedite service. Replacement documents can also be legalised with the apostille if required. The apostille service can be ordered here.

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To order the replacement document we require the following information:


  • Year birth was registered
  • Surname at birth 
  • Forename(s)    
  • Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Place of birth*   
  • Father’s/Parent’s surname 
  • Father’s/Parent’s forename(s)   
  • Mother's maiden surname   
  • Mother's surname at time of the birth  
  • Mother's forename(s)


  • Year marriage was registered
  • Party 1's surname
  • Party 1's forenames
  • Party 2's surname at marriage
  • Party 2's forenames
  • Date of marriage
  • Place of marriage 
  • Surname of Party 1's father
  • Forenames of Party 1's father
  • Surname of Party 2's father
  • Forenames of Party 2's father


  • Year death was registered
  • Surname of deceased
  • Forenames of deceased
  • Date of death
  • Age at death in years
  • Place of death or last known address
  • Occupation of deceased
  • Marital status (if female)

Please email this information, or a copy of the document, when ordering the service, If you require any further guidance please contact us for advice.