Saudi Embassy Only Personal Documents

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If your personal document already has the apostille we offer the Saudi embassy attestation service. Your document must have the apostille certificate attached before ordering. Degree certificates also need to be stamped by the Saudi Cultural Attache prior to ordering.

This is for personal documents (e.g. degrees, birth certificates) only. If you need this service for commercial documents please contact us for advice.

Order Now - 'Add to Cart' and click on the cart above. Checkout and post your document with the necessary passport copies* to us. We do the rest!

* (We need a copy of the passport information page for each person whose document(s) are to be legalised. If this is for a birth certificate then the passports of the child, father and mother are needed. If this is for a marriage certificate the passports for the husband and wife are required.)

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To order this service your personal document should already have the apostille attached.

If this document is a degree certificate then this should also be stamped by the Saudi Cultural Attache prior to being sent to us.

If your document needs a complete embassy service please contact us for advice.