Legalising Documents for The Philippines

The Philippines Join Hague Apostille Convention

The Apostille convention will enter into force in the Philippines from 14th May 2019. This means the Philippines are the 117th party to agree to the convention which shows the increasing endorsement for the apostille legalisation process.

It is likely to take a number of months before the authorities in the Philippines will stop requesting embassy attestation as they adjust and alter their regulations. To accommodate this adjustment period the embassy should still provide attestation of documents before the service is stopped completely.

How does this Affect People Travelling to the Philippines?

As the apostille is now accepted in its own right the process of preparing documents for use in the Philippines has been simplified. Previously the documents would need to be presented to multiple offices to gain stamps and signatures. Now the documents can be presented to one government office for legalisation and they will be ready for use overseas.

This will speed up the process and also save money for individuals who are planning to relocate to the Philippines. If you require assistance with legalising your documents for use in the Philippines please contact us for guidance.

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