Commercial Invoice

Document Legalisation

We can provide the solicitor certification and apostille for Commercial Invoices. This document is needed when exporting goods overseas and is used to determine the value of the goods being shipped any tariffs due. We also assist with legalising the documents that usually accompany the Commercial Invoice.  Our all-inclusive service will ensure your documents are correctly legalised with the apostille so that they will be accepted outside of the UK.

In addition to a Commercial Invoice, the following documents may also be required:-

  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Health Certificate
  • GMP Certificate

We make the apostille service as simple as possible.

For only £66 we arrange for your Commercial Invoice document to be solicitor certified and issued with the apostille.

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  • Frequently used for:

    • Exporting Goods
    • Buying or Selling Goods outside of the UK
  • Processing time:

    1 to 2 Days

Original or Copy?

Commercial Invoices can be issued digitally and will usually be signed by the exporter. It is advisable to issue the apostille to the original ink signed document.

How to order an apostille for a Commercial Invoice?

Simply purchase the solicitor certification and apostille online and then post your document to us. Our fast and low-cost service means you can get on with preparing to export your goods while we take care of the legalisation service.

Do you have multiple company documents?

If you have multiple documents relating to one company we may be able to combine these into a bound set to save you money. The documents will be legally bound together with a solicitor's cover sheet and one apostille will be issued to legalise all documents contained therein.

For example, we could combine the following documents into a set:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Combined Register
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Certificate of Origin

The fee for the solicitor certification and apostille for a set of company documents is £90.00. If this would be your preference please contact us for advice. Please note that export documents are usually processed individually.