Document Legalisation for South Korea

Document Legalisation for South Korea

We process many documents each week for clients intending to use their documents in South Korea. The majority of the people who we process documents for are clients who are going over for teaching purposes to work in the many International Schools based there. Usually there are specific documents which need to be legalised in order for clients to be accepted for work in South Korea.
apostille academic certificate

Legalising Academic Documents

When applying for a job in another country you may be asked to obtain an apostille for your academic certificates. We regularly issue the apostille on all sorts of academic documents including the following-

Degree Certificates
Masters Certificate
Transcripts of Study
Letters of Enrolment
Letters of Attendance
GCSE, CSE, O Level and A Level Certificates
NVQ, GNVQ, BTEC and City & Guilds Certificates
Other School, College and University Documents

apostille degree

Apostille for Degree Certificates

Having worked hard to earn your degree you may be offered a job to work in a country outside of the UK. Employers and visa departments will probably ask for you to get an apostille on your degree certificate.

Legalising degree certificates and other qualifications with an apostille is becoming more popular. We are pleased to assist hundreds of people every year with their important certificates.

How to get an apostille on your certificate?