How to order your apostille

Ordering your apostille is simple. Just follow our 3 step process-

Postal applications

1. Print and complete our order form
2. Post your document to us with the order form
3. We will issue the apostille and return the document to you.

Order apostille certificatePayment can be made by-
Cheque or postal order
or credit card.
See our order form for details.

Download the apostille order form HERE

We think we have made the apostille service as simple as possible. However, there are always exceptions. If you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact us.

Email applications

Most company documents can be emailed to us including certificates of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association. Please email your documents to us for clarification. You can scan and email our order form too. Alternatively provide your contact details in the email and we will call you for payment.


No access to a printer? - Can't email? No Problem

If you do not have a printer then please post your document to us with a brief note. Please remember to provide-

Your name
Your address (where you want the document returned to)
Your telephone number (just in case)
Your email (just in case)
Payment by cheque or postal order
Add a brief note telling us what your document is. For example-

Mr John Smith
1 High Street
The Town

Tel: 0123 456 789
Email: your email address

Please find enclosed my birth certificate for apostille and my cheque payment.


John Smith

Please note – We do not pass your details to any third parties. We will not send you unsolicited correspondence. We are registered under the data protection act and make sure all your records and personal details are safe.

REMEMBER you can email most company documents to us? Simply scan the document and email a copy to us with all of your contact details as requested above. This will save you time and postage. If your document cannot be processed from an email order we will let you know immediately.

If you have any questions about ordering an apostille do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Download the apostille order form HERE