apostille set of documents

APOSTILLE SERVICE - for Sets of Documents

Customers often contact us with more than one document that needs to be legalised with the apostille. One of the first questions we are asked is, ‘Can one apostille cover all documents’?

The answer depends on several factors-

1. What the documents are?

2. Which country has requested them?

3. Will they accept a set of legalised documents with one apostille?

We recommend you check the final point with the person asking for the documents.

There are two ways we can legalise documents

Individual Processing - We can issue an apostille on each document. Our service includes checking the documents, solicitor certification and attaching the apostille to each document.

Individual Documents - Just £66 including solicitor certification.

Combined Processing - When a group of documents are in one person’s or one company’s name we can bind the documents together as a set. Our solicitor will check the documents and prepare a certification sheet detailing what documents are contained in the set. The cover sheet is then added to the set of documents and legally bound together. The apostille is then added to the cover sheet.

Bound Set of Documents - Only £90 including solicitor certification.

Both methods are usually acceptable but if you are unsure please check with whoever is requesting the apostille documents from you. Some authorities or countries do not accept sets of documents and may insist on each document having its own apostille.

Which documents should not be included in sets?

In most circumstances government issued documents should not be included in sets. This typically includes birth, marriage or death certificates, criminal record checks and court documents.

Any document that is already signed by a solicitor or notary should not be bound into a set. For example a power of attorney document that has been witnessed by a notary should not be included in a set. This should have its own apostille to verify the power of attorney was witnessed by a recognised and practising notary.

Not all countries allow bound sets!

It is not suitable to bind documents into a set for some countries. To confuse matters more, individual organisations may not allow sets to be submitted with one apostille.

For example, the UAE do not allow bound sets of documents. Every document must have its own apostille and embassy stamps. Likewise, Qatar insist on every document being attested separately and may ask for additional supporting documents.

Will bound sets be accepted in your circumstances?

Unfortunately there is no ‘rule’ on how each country or each organisation will want documents legalised. While bound sets of documents are widely accepted in Russia, occasionally we have been asked to process each document separately. A customer recently submitted tax documents to Greece only to be told each document must have an individual apostille attached to each tax document.

Binding documents into a ‘set’ and adding one apostille can save a lot of money. It is essential that you check what is being asked of you. We are happy to offer advice and to discuss your documents, but we cannot speak for every company or organisation in every country.

If in doubt, process each document with its own apostille or talk to the person asking for your documents.

What does a bound set of documents look like?

Our solicitor will check all of your documents and prepare a cover sheet.

The cover sheet will list all of the documents that have been bound together as one set.

Sample Apostille Set of Documents