CHINA Embassy Only Personal Documents

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China attestation service for documents that already have the apostille. Documents being sent to China must have the apostille AND the embassy attestation. Only order this service if your document has an apostille.

This is for personal documents (e.g. degrees, birth certificates) only. Business or Company documents have to processed differently. You can order the Chinese embassy attesation service for business documents here - China embassy attestation for business documents

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Legalising documents for China requires both the apostille and the embassy attestation stamps. When ordering this service you should check that your document already has the apostille attached.

If your document does not have the apostille then you will need the complete embassy service with both the apostille and embassy stamps please visit the correct webpage here

This service is for UK issued documents only. We need you to provide a photocopy of the passport for the person detailed in the document(s). Please include this with the order record and your document.