Scan and Email of the Apostille Certificate?

We can provide scan of the apostille certificate on completion of the order. The apostille is a paper certificate but we can provide a scan copy if you order this service.

The Apostille Certificate

The UK apostille certificate is a piece of paper that is attached to another document. It is a physical certificate that is glued to another physical document. For example, a UK birth certificate will have the apostille added to the back of the genuine registrar issued certificate. The apostille is signed by an officer at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and also stamped. The apostille stamp is an embossing stamp (not an ink stamp). The embossing mark is applied through both the document and the apostille.

There is no digital or electronic version. The apostille is not issued electronically and documents cannot be submitted to the FCO digitally. There is talk of moving towards an e-apostille but, at present, the apostille is still a printed certificate added to another physical document.

Can I get a Scan of the Apostille?

Yes, we can provide a scan copy of the apostille when it has been issued by the FCO. Before dispatching your document we will scan the apostille and the page of the document that contains the relevant signature or stamp that the apostille confirms.

If you require a scan copy of the apostille you need to request this at the time of ordering or add it to your order before completion. We do not keep copies of the apostille once they have been dispatched.

What does the apostille look like?

The apostille certificate is a small piece of paper that is about 15cm square in size. The certificate is fixed to the back of a document. All apostilles follow a similar format but the shape and size varies by country.When the apostille has been attached it is embossed with a government seal. This is often called the apostille stamp.

The certificate is normally added to the back of a document. However, when a document has print on both sides, it may be placed in the most suitable position, which may be on the front.

Sample Apostille Certificate