Apostilles for Court Documents

You may require an apostille on a UK court document that is to be used outside the UK. Our apostille service will ensure your court document is officially legalised with the apostille certificate so that the document will be accepted in an official capacity abroad.

All court papers and documents can be issued with the apostille but the following is a selection of regularly submitted forms-

  • Decree Absolute from a divorce
  • Decree Nisi from a divorce
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Grants of Probate
  • Court Orders and decisions
  • Court Judgements
  • Bankruptcy documents
  • County Court documents
  • Court of Bankruptcy documents
  • Family Division of the High Court of Justice documents
  • The High Court of Justice documents
  • Sheriff Court documents

How to order an apostille for your court documents

Please visit our how to order page to purchase an apostille for your document.

Most court documents are stamped by the court or bear the signature of an official court officer. The apostille is issued against this stamp or signature. This document will be processed under our standard apostille service.

When a court document does not carry the original court seal or stamp we can arrange for our solicitor to check and certify the document. This is provided in our solicitor certification service.

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