Why is it called The Hague Apostille

The apostille certificate is often called the Hague Apostille or the Apostille of the Hague due to the name of the treaty that introduced the apostille. Under this treaty the member countries agreed to recognise apostilles from the other member countries.

The Legal Bit

Many countries across the world now issue and request the apostille certificate be applied to documents from another country. These countries have all signed a treaty called the Hague Convention Abolishing The Requirement Of Legalisation For Foreign Public Documents. This has simplified the legalisation of documents for use in member countries. For a full list of member countries please visit our Hague Member Countries page.

Only Hague Apostilles are true genuine apostilles that will be recognised in other countries. For more information please visit our what is an apostille page.

Why use our service?

We believe our service to be the most efficient and low cost apostille service available. Our service is quick, processing most documents in just 2 days.

Well trained advisors are available to offer information on all types of document legalisation. Customer support is free to everyone by email and telephone during normal working hours.

We aim to provide the following service

Professional Service

Our Guarantee

Apostille issued or we refund your fee.

Fast Service

1-2 day service for most documents.

Quick Email Response

Emails replied to within 2 working hours.

Telephone Calls Answered

No call centre, just helpful advice within 4 rings.

Additional Services

Solicitor Certification

Legally certified documents when required.

Embassy Attestation

Attesting documents with embassies in London.


Professional and quick translation service.

Secure Delivery

Choose a secure return delivery to your door.

An apostille should be issued in 2 days. If anyone is offering a service that takes longer than ours then we suggest you shop around. A professional apostille service should typically take just 2 days unless they are posting your documents to another service provider or the FCO.

We appreciate that there is more than one website offering apostille services so let us help you make the right decision. Our team regularly hears from customers complaining about other service providers that are ‘too slow’ or ‘not answering calls and emails’. This is frustrating if it happens to you so choose a reputable service provider.

Your phone call should be answered and emails replied to. We aim to answer all calls within 4 rings and to answer all emails within 2 working hours. If a phone line just keeps ringing then that may tell you all you need to know.

Where possible we complete all orders within 2 days. Occasionally a document may be delayed but this is due to the signatory or the way the document is prepared. We work to reduce processing times on all documents.

Send your document to a genuine address. We have our own offices in the city centre of Coventry. Be careful about posting a document to an address that looks like a ‘PO Box’, is possibly ‘residential’ or ‘in a strange location’. The government offices issuing the apostille are located in the Midlands and London. Genuine service providers hand deliver documents to the government office and hand collect the following day.



Who are we?

The Hague Apostille Service are a registered apostille service with the FCO. Hague Apostille Service is part of Small Firms Services Limited. This group company has over 20 years experience legalising documents and is registered in England in 1998 with registered number 3658573.