Professional Document Translation

Processing documents for another country often requires supplying a translation for their records. Our translation service can process all documents from simple academic certificates to technical company documents.

Why Choose Our Translation Service

Email your documents

Scan and email your documents to our office. No need to post documents.

Fast and reliable service

We aim to complete most translations in just 24 hours. An estimated completion time will be provided at the time of order.

Competitive prices

Fixed fees agreed on every document.

Over 140 languages

Our team of translators can convert your document into a wide range of languages.

Certified translations

All translations will be certified by our company.

Solicitor certification

If required our solicitor will certify the document for a small additional charge.

Apostille legalisation

We can legalise all translations with the apostille certificate if requested.

UK based company

UK based offices, with real people answering your calls and emails. No computerised translations.

And more...

Authorities requesting the apostille often require certified translations of documents before they will accept the original. By providing a certified translation of your document you are assisting the overseas organisation in understanding the content of your UK document. Do not assume the will accept the English version alone. Find out if they need a translation.

Simply email your documents to us for a fast quote. Once our competitive price has been accepted we will begin translating your document. Most translations are completed in less than 24 hours but this will depend on the complexity of the document. On completion we will post your certified translation by your preferred delivery method.

Yes. We offer three levels of service.

1. Every translation is certified by one of the translation team to be a true and accurate translation.

2. If required we can make this certification with one of our solicitors.

3. Translations can also be issued with the apostille. We recommend you ask the person that requested the translation if this step is required.

Document Translation Service

Every translation we provide is produced by a qualified translator and then certified and sealed by one of the translation team. Every effort is made to maintain the formatting of documents whilst completing orders quickly. Our translation disclaimer can be found here.

Once the translation has been completed this will be proofread for accuracy. We will then attach a cover sheet to the translation certifying this to be an accurate translation to the best of our knowledge. This cover sheet will include our contact details and an authentication reference should anyone wish to verify that we completed a translation in the future.

No, as standard we do not bind the translation to the original document for two reasons.

The first is to prevent any issues with legalising the original document. It can be problematic when legalising a document with the apostille if a translation has been attached. The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office will often request that any translation attached to a document is removed before the apostille certificate is issued.

The second is to prevent damaging the original document. You may need to use the document in an official capacity in the future without a translation attached.

The content of the source document will be translated in full barring a few exceptions. Any logos or signatures may be excluded to prevent copyright infringement. In these instances a general description of the omitted item may be given in place of this.

The term certified translation has no definitive meaning in the United Kingdom as there is no formal translation system and, because of this, there is no official list of ‘certified translators’. We add our own certification to all translations.

We occasionally hear from clients who require an ‘authorised translation’. In most cases our translation service, as described above, would be sufficient. However, this term may be used to refer to a translation that has been completed by the respective embassy or by a translator registered with this embassy. If this is the case then our translation service may not be suitable.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check if there are any specific translation requirements in their individual case. You should seek advice from the person requesting the translation if they have any specific requirements for the translation and inform us at the time of order.