Document Verification

Many documents can be emailed to us for the purpose of being issued with the apostille. In certain cases we may need to carry out some additional verification checks. Please only purchase these services if instructed to do so by a member of the legalisation team.

Verification - Degree Certificate

If you do not have access to your original degree certificate or would prefer not to send this to us we can arrange for a copy of the document to be verified and legalised. In order to do so we need a clear copy of the document and a completed consent form. The time scale for verifying a degree certificate is approximately 5-10 days, however, this varies for different universities. The fee for the additional verification of a degree certificate is £34.00.*

* Some Universities charge higher fees to verify documents. As a result of this we reserve the right to request a further verification fee if the institute that issued the document charges more then £34.00. This affects very few universities.

Verification - Passport or Driving Licence

If you would prefer not to send the original document, or a pre-certified copy of the document, to us we can verify and legalise a digital copy. In order to verify a copy of this type of document, we will do a 'soft' search on the owner's credit file. This has no impact on the person's credit rating and is purely used to verify identity. If you do not consent to this check, please send the original or a pre-certified version of the document to us.

By purchasing this product you are confirming the person named on the document consents to a 'soft' search.