Replacement Documents

If you have misplaced your documents or if you simply want to keep the originals safe in your possession we can assist with obtaining official replacements.

Why Choose Our Replacement Document Service

Lost or misplaced the original document?

This should not be a cause for concern. We can obtain an official replacement of your document after confirming just a few details.

Fast and reliable service

We can obtain replacement documents in just a couple of working days in most circumstances.

Apostille legalisation

We can legalise the replacement documents with the apostille certificate if requested. The apostille is typically issued in just 2 working days from the point we have obtained the replacement.

Save postage costs

If you are based overseas and need the apostille in a hurry it can be more cost effective to ask us to obtain and legalise a replacement document. This will save on the courier fees for sending the original to us.

Easier to legalise

Verifying the signature of the legal official on older documents can provide problematic. Legalising an official replacement GRO document would prevent any delays.

Keep your original document safe

When presenting your document overseas using an official replacement will allow you to keep the original in your safe possession.

The Replacement Document Service

For assistance getting your replacement document quickly get in touch with the experts today or order our fast service online.