Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy answer any questions by email, online chat or phone call. However, the following information may help to answer a few of your questions about apostilles and our service.

General Questions

Most documents are completed in 1 or 2 working days. However, for clarity we aim to complete and despatch all orders within 4 working days. Where this is not possible we will try to contact you with advice.

In the UK there is no same day counter service for the public to obtain the apostille certificate. Our service ensures your document is processed in just a few days. If you need an apostille urgently we can provide a next day apostille service. Please contact us for our price and processing times.

If your document was created or issued in the UK then it will be accepted in the UK without the apostille. It is not necessary to legalise UK documents unless you are using them outside of the UK. We can obtain an apostille for any UK document.

We are a professional apostille legalisation service. Our company has been providing apostille certificates on documents for over ten years. Please read our contact us page for more information on how to get in touch.

Whilst we cannot discuss individual clients, we regularly provide our service to some of the largest FTSE listed companies in the UK. Many of the UK’s largest accounting firms rely on our service for their own employees and also for their customers. Trusted by solicitors and Notary Publics to provide a quick, efficient service.

What service you may need

If you have a document that was issued in a country that is a member of The Hague Convention and it is being presented in another country that is a member of The Hague Convention then it is likely that you will need an apostille. If you have been asked to get an apostille then your document may not be accepted without one. You can find a list of Hague Countries that issues and request apostilles here.

In some cases we can arrange for a UK apostille to be issued but it will depend on your document. If you have any doubts we recommend that you speak to your country's embassy or consulate for more advice.

It is important that you understand we issue UK apostilles on UK documents. If you send us a non UK document and we are able to process your document it will be issued with a UK apostille. You should check if this is suitable in the country where your document is to be presented.

Nearly all UK documents can be issued with the apostille certificate. There are a few exceptions that include home office documents that are for use within the UK only. We will let you know immediately if your document cannot be legalised and provide a full refund for our service.

We do not issue apostilles on 'purchased online' degrees or false documents. We are a reputable legalisation service. We are pleased to issue the apostille on genuine qualifications but we do not support any individual or online retailer deliberately trying to mislead prospective employers. Sorry, but we have a reputation to maintain.