UAE Attestation Service

Documents for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) require the apostille certificate and additional legalisation through the UAE embassy.

We provide a complete attestation service for ‘personal’ or ‘corporate’ documents. Includes solicitor certification, UK apostille certificate and UAE Embassy stamps.

uae attestation

Attesting Personal Documents?

Experts in processing personal documents with the UAE embassy in London. We understand how to certify documents correctly to ensure successful legalisation.

If your document has a recognised government signature, stamp or seal, or has already been signed by a solicitor then it will not require our solicitor certification service.

Most academic documents and other professional qualifications will need to be checked by our solicitor, certified and signed.

We are happy to provide advice on your documents. Do not hesitate to contact us to confirm which service you need.

Processing time is approximately 5-6 days for most orders.

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UAE Attestation Service Only £95

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  • Your document must
  • have the apostille
  • attached already!
  • Personal Documents only

Apostille & UAE Embassy Attestation £149

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  • Birth & Marriage Certs
  • HMRC Letters, No impediments
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Other Personal Documents


Teaching in the UAE!

When applying for a teaching position in the UAE there are several document requirements. Your prospective employer should confirm exactly which documents are needed. Typically, the following THREE documents require legalisation -

  1. Degree Certificate - The focus of the degree does not usually matter.
  2. PGCE - Your teaching qualification.
  3. QTS - Your qualified teacher certificate.

Please note that these requirements are provided as general guidance. We advise checking with your future employer to clarify exactly which documents are necessary.

Most orders are completed in just 6-8 days!

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Attesting Business or Corporate Documents?

Conducting business in the United Arab Emirates often requires getting your company documents attested with the embassy.

Using our UAE legalisation service makes the process simple. We include the apostille, embassy attestation and administration fees in our charges. We offer a 'one stop' solution for businesses working in the UAE.

Company documents normally need to be certified by a solicitor before we can submit them for attestation. When possible, we arrange for your documents to be checked and certified by one of our solicitors to save you time and money.

Processing time 6 days for most orders.

UAE Attestation Only £660

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  • Your document must
  • have the apostille
  • attached already!
  • Business Documents only.

What does UAE attestation look like?

Any UK document being legalised for use in the UAE will need both the apostille and UAE embassy stamps.

The apostille certificate is normally added to the back of documents. It is glued down one side and embossed. The embassy will then add a sticker and ink stamps to either the document itself or they will attach this to the apostille.

Occasionally the embassy changes the stamps slightly, but the process remains the same

Sample UAE stamps