Decree Absolute

Document Legalisation

You may require an apostille on a UK decree absolute in order to present this in an official capacity abroad. 

The vast majority of court documents are now digitally issued and require solicitor certification in order to be eligible for the apostille.

The fee for the solicitor certification and apostille for a Decree Absolute document is ONLY £66* per document on our 2 day service.

* If the document has an original ink court seal and/or an ink signature from a district judge then this would require the apostille only. Please contact us for advice. 

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Original or Copy?

If possible, it is best practice for the apostille to be issued to the original court document that bears an ink court seal and/or a signature from a district judge. This is not always possible as many decree absolute documents are now issued electronically and will have a digital court seal only. Both options are generally acceptable. We can make a copy of the court document and issue the apostille, however, we recommend checking if this will be accepted overseas.

Complete Service

For just £66 we-

  • Check and solicitor certify your document
  • Submit this by hand to the FCO.
  • Issue the apostille in just 1-2 days.
  • Dispatch the document.

*If the document has been issued with an original ink court seal and/or has been ink signed by a district judge or court office then this will require the apostille only service. The fee for the apostille only service is £54.00.

How to order an apostille for a Decree Absolute?

The first step is to ascertain which service is required. This depends on how the document has been issued if referenced above. Once it has been established as to whether or not the document requires solicitor certification you can simply purchase the correct service online and post your document to us with the order confirmation sheet. This is normally the quickest way to obtain the apostille. If you require guidance on which service is needed for your document please contact us for advice. 

Send your document to us by your preferred delivery method. We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery or a Secure Courier.