Employment Letter

Document Legalisation

Employment documents are legalised for various purposes. Many EU nationals working within the UK, particularly those working for the NHS, will often need an apostille for their employment document to prevent double taxation in their home country.

Employment documents may also require the apostille when seeking work overseas to provide evidence of an individuals employment history and/or experience. 

Our apostille service will ensure your employment document is correctly legalised with the apostille certificate so that the document will be accepted in an official capacity abroad.

Legalising an employment document with the apostille is ONLY £66 per document on our 2 day service.

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  • Frequently used for:

    • Job Applications
    • Tax purposes
  • Processing time:

    2 Days

Original or Copy?

It is best practice for the original ink signed employment letter to be solicitor certified and issued with the apostille. Nevertheless, it is possible to legalise a copy of the document if this will be accepted by the overseas authority who have requested this. Employment letters should be signed by the employer prior to being sent to us. 


Complete Service

For just £66 we-

  • Check your document and verify this with the employer
  • Solicitor certify the document
  • Submit them by hand to the FCO.
  • Issue the apostille in just 1-2 days.
  • Dispatch the document as per your delivery instructions

How to order an apostille for your employment document?

Simply purchase the solicitor certification and apostille service online and then post your document to us with the order confirmation sheet. This is normally the quickest way to obtain the apostille. Employment documents can also be emailed to us if a legalised copy of the document would be suitable for your requirements.

Send your document to us using your preferred delivery method. We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery or a Secure Courier.