Apostille for Marriage

Apostilles for Getting Married Abroad

When making the decision to get married abroad, documentation - although not very exciting - is an essential part of the planning process. If your wedding planner does not offer information on the needed documents, or indeed you are organising it yourself, it is important to check with the hotel, church or registry office that will be registering the marriage, as well as the embassy for that country as an extra measure.

If you are getting married in a country where you were not born or do not have dual citizenship, even if your partner was, you may need to prove your identity and nationality as well as your eligibility to marry.This usually entails providing a birth certificate and a certificate of no impediment. Some countries may also request a sworn affidavit that you are single and legally able to marry. For anyone with a previous marriage that is now dissolved you may need to provide copies of previous marriage certificates and court divorce documents.

Occasionally you will be required to provide further documents. For example, if marrying in a church of particular denomination where baptism is a necessity you may need to submit a copy of your baptism/christening certificate. For individuals that have legally changed their name, the name change deed poll is likely to require an apostille too.

Apostilles incur a charge per document so it is essential that you find out what paperwork you will need. Guesswork could mean legalising documents unnecessarily. More importantly, you do not want to travel abroad only to find your documents are incorrect.

As a service provider we aim to assist you as much as we can, firstly by only processing the documents you need and secondly by legalising documents as quickly as possible. However, the older the document the more time it can take to complete the process. So try to allow at least a month before you fly out to your destination. Alternatively, we can help you to get new copies of your birth certificates. This can remove the potential for delays as well as leaving your original document untouched.

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