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Legalising Academic Documents

When applying for a job in another country you may be asked to obtain an apostille for your academic certificates. We regularly issue the apostille on all sorts of academic documents including the following-

Degree Certificates
Masters Certificate
Transcripts of Study
Letters of Enrolment
Letters of Attendance
GCSE, CSE, O Level and A Level Certificates
NVQ, GNVQ, BTEC and City & Guilds Certificates
Other School, College and University Documents


As the apostille is permanently fixed to another document we typically process copies of academic documents that have been certified by a solicitor. You can visit your own solicitor to get a certified copy made. Alternatively our solicitor will check the documents, where necessary make a certified copy and then the apostille is issued on the certified copy. This ensures your original certificate is not damaged by adding an apostille which cannot be removed.

If you require the apostille attached to your original certificate you should make this very clear at the time of ordering. We must also advise that the apostille certificate is actually glued to the legalised document and cannot be removed without causing some damage.


Standard practice with letters relating to study in the UK is to attach the apostille to the original letter. The letters are normally only required for one purpose so producing a copy is not necessary as the document should not be required again. Your school or college letter will need to be signed by a solicitor before the apostille is issued. If required our solicitor can check and certify your document.

If you have several documents we may be able to produce a set of documents. Alternatively, you should contact your employer to establish which documents they need legalising.

If you would prefer that we produce a certified copy of a school letter please inform us at the time of ordering.

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