Irish Apostille

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Apostille certificate for all standard Irish documents that do not require further solicitor certification. Price includes government fee and vat.

Includes Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, No Impediments, Court Documents, Background Checks, Government documents and Solicitor or Notary Certifications. Please see the list below for more documents we process in this service.

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Apostille, Ireland

The Irish apostille service is suitable for documents that have been issued in the Republic of Ireland and have also been signed by a legal official or stamped by a legal authority. The process takes approximately 10 working days.  This service is suitable for the following documents-

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Court Documents - Probates - Decisions - Decreee Absolute stamped by the court or signed by judge
  • Affidavits Witnessed by an Irish Solicitor or Notary
  • Power of Attorney witnessed by an Irish Solicitor or Notary
  • Criminal Record Checks (CRB) signed by issuing body
  • Police Letters signed by issuing body
  • Last Will & Testament Stamped by a Court or Signed by an Irish Solicitor or Notary 
  • Deed Poll of Name Change signed by an Irish Solicitor or Notary 

This list includes documents we regularly process. If your document is not listed we may still be able to assist. Please contact us for advice. We are happy to discuss your documents and how to process them.