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Advice on Airmail Delivery Outside of Europe

We understand that customers want to save money when legalising their documents. Solicitor’s fees, government charges and embassy costs can all start to add up. At this point you may want to save money on sending your document abroad by selecting Airmail. However, this is not always recommended.

Legalising thousands of documents every year, we successfully dispatch documents all around the world. Whether you are in Aberdeen or Australia we offer secure, tracked, insured shipping with signatures required on receipt. Customers looking to save money can choose UK First Class post or Airmail. However, these services have their limitations.

Should you choose Airmail?

Airmail is cheaper than using a secure courier, but you need to decide if your valuable documents will be safe. For most deliveries within Europe and the United States, we expect to see documents delivered in around 5 to 10 working days. If you are in a remote area or on an island deliveries will take considerably longer than this.

If you are located outside of Europe we recommend that you select our DHL courier service. Many Airmail deliveries can take around 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered. In addition Airmail deliveries to South America and many Arab countries are not reliable and we would prefer it if customers did not select this option. We have seen some orders take longer than 4 weeks and occasionally documents are not delivered. Which raises the question why do we offer it? If we do not, customers will choose another service provider that is happy to let customers select Airmail as people naturally try to save money. We cannot force you to choose the courier delivery.

Airmail deliveries are entirely dependent on local postal services. Some countries have reliable services, comparable to Royal Mail, while others do not. All delivery times are estimates. Once a document leaves the UK by Airmail we cannot track the documents. Every country has its own estimated delivery times and we have to use past experience to determine approximate delivery times. Unfortunately some national post services are particularly bad.

If you insist on selecting Airmail delivery to a country outside of Europe or the USA we ask that you understand we have no control over local services and that you accept potential delays and the risk of undelivered documents. One of the team may ask you to confirm this in writing.

Best Practice

For peace of mind and quick delivery of documents we recommend that all customers choose either our UK courier service or DHL for delivery outside of the UK. You can track your document to your door using the shipping reference. In the event of delays you can speak to the courier service for updates and advice.

We are happy to discuss the delivery of documents. Do not hesitate to contact one of the legalisation team for advice.

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