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It is not just business that can benefit from an apostille service. Many individuals find that legalising documents can be a tedious process and that dealing with the FCO is not as simple as they may have hoped. Other people are under the misconception that utilising an apostille services is primarily for companies and business professionals who plan on conducting business overseas. While this is true, there are many business that constantly work with a reliable apostille service, their professionalism can be beneficial to a private individuals with personal documents.  

Take a look at some of the situations in which an apostille service will be necessary:

• Foreign Marriage – Increasingly more UK residents choose to have a foreign wedding in another country where the Apostille of Hague is recognized. The country in which the couple plan to marry will often require an apostille for each individual’s birth certificate and a certificate of impediment.

• International Students – An apostille service which is commonly required is that for students who are attending schools outside of the UK. They can certify everything from grade reports to Master’s degrees by simply sending the formal copy.

• Working Abroad – If you plan on working in another country, do not be surprised if there is a need to certify your professional certificates and even background checks. You will find that there are some apostille service professionals who work with individuals through e-mail, so you can be located in a foreign country and e-mail the documents that you need to start a job as soon as possible.

• UK Birth and Death Certificates– It is not unheard of for a foreign couple traveling or working within the UK to have their baby on our soil. While this is a great time to celebrate, in order to register a birth outside of the UK, one must have their birth certified legalised by an apostille service. Additionally, by the same principle it is necessary for an apostille to legalise death certificates for those individuals who happen to pass away while in the UK in order for the death to be registered in other countries.

• Court Documents – In certain situations you might need to have official court documents from the UK used in a court case or for other purposes outside of the country. In these situations all documents must be verified before they can be presented for use in another nation.

While these are just a few of the instances in which an individual might need to obtain an apostille certificate, it is important to recognise that there are certainly more situations when the apostille is needed. And, keep in mind that not all countries will require official certification. If you are curious as to whether or not a nation that you plan on getting married in or working in requires the use of an apostille, then you should conduct a quick search of Apostille countries to find out. You will see that there are nearly 100 countries that are signed up to the Hague Convention, including Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

As you can see, there are a number of different reasons why it is beneficial to identify an apostille service that can offer assistance in the event of one of the aforementioned situations. 

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