Delivering Your Documents to the Apostille Service

Here at The Apostille Service, we understand that many of our clients are working to very tight time restraints and deadlines with overseas authorities. This is taken into consideration with every order that we process. We strive to process all orders with the utmost efficiency and complete most apostilles in just 1-2 working days.

When sending documents to us we recommend you choose a reputable, secure, next day courier service or Special Delivery with Royal Mail. Your item will be tracked, a signature requested as proof of delivery and your documents should be insured. Most of the UK’s nationwide courier services visit our office every day, typically in the morning. Please note, Royal Mail’s recorded delivery is not a guaranteed service and has no insurance. We do not use basic recorded delivery and do not recommend our customers do either.

We understand some clients will attempt to have their documents delivered to our office using a pre-9am delivery service. However, as our office does not open until 9am, we strongly advise clients against using Pre-9am delivery services. Unfortunately, Royal Mail may try to deliver documents very early in the morning before the office is open.

Should a Pre-9am courier attempt a delivery and a member of staff is not present to sign for the item, some courier services may attempt re-delivery at a later time during the same day. Nevertheless, we have been informed that some couriers may not attempt re-delivery until this has been rescheduled. There have been occasions when Royal Mail has attempted deliveries at 7.30am and taken deliveries back to the sorting office for re-delivery.

This can potentially lead to a significant delay with your Apostille order, which can be avoided in time sensitive circumstances by using an alternative delivery service. Therefore, our company kindly advises against using pre 9am services to avoid any unnecessary delays.

For any advice on getting your documents to our office, please talk to one of the legalisation team.

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