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We know, from assisting thousands of customers every year that many people have never heard of an apostille until they need one. Even more common is the frustration customers feel trying to work out the best way to get documents apostilled.

Not sure what document legalisation is and struggling to understand the best way to obtain an apostille quickly, people begin to search online for answers. With a lot of misleading advice and various websites offering to provide apostilles, it is understandable that customers sometimes need assistance.

What is the apostille?

The apostille is a certificate that is added to another document. When you submit a document to a foreign government, organisation or official, they may request you legalise the document with an apostille. If your document is required for a legal reason or to be used in an official capacity, the authority overseas can verify the apostille with the UK government to check it is valid.

What do you need from an apostille service?

They should be -

  • Helpful
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • And not charge excessive fees!

If you find a service that offers a two week processing time or charge too much money, it is likely they are not registered with the FCO as an apostille service.

Why get your documents apostilled by us?

We provide a one stop solution and make the process simple.

Helpful advisors are available to chat online, by phone or to answer your emails.

We provide additional services for our customers, including

  • Solicitor Certification
  • Embassy Attestation
  • Translations
  • Replacement Documents
  • Document creation

We make obtaining an apostille as easy as possible. Our legalisation team are trained to answer all of your questions and help customers with their documents.


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