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Apostille for Birth Certificates

We can issue all UK Birth Certificates with the Hague apostille. Our service ensures that your document is correctly legalised for use outside the UK and includes birth certificates from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

All UK registry certificates must have the apostille certificate attached to the original certificate or an official registrar copy. Typically these documents are printed on green or red forms. It is not possible to issue the apostille on a photocopy or scanned version of the document. Even if a birth certificate has been signed by a solicitor or Notary Public it is not acceptable for the apostille service. We can only issue the apostille on genuine register office documents.

How to order the apostille for your birth certificate

Please visit our order page to download our simple to complete order form. Alternatively you can pay online and post the document to us with the completed payment screen.

When a child’s birth is registered there are normally two versions of the birth certificate.

The Short Version – This is very brief and simply details the child’s name, date of birth and the place of birth

The Long Version – This contains more details and also shows the names of the child’s parents.

We recommend you send the long version for processing. This confirms the parents details which may be required when you submit the document to the relevant authority.

We can issue the apostille on either the long or the short version. Most people prefer the apostille is attached to the long version as this is more widely accepted outside of the UK, but we can process both documents. If you send the short version, we will assume this is the correct document and attach the apostille.

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