Different Types of Solicitor Certification

For the purpose of legalising a document with an apostille, the document must bear the stamp of a recognised legal authority or, alternatively, the signature of a public official or a solicitor. Many documents will, therefore, require some form of solicitor certification as part of the legalisation process.

There are various forms of solicitor certification and the most suitable depends on the nature of the document.

legalising translations

Translating and Legalising your Documents

When preparing documents to be used overseas, it may be requested that a translation of the document is also supplied. Providing a certified translation assists the overseas authority as they may not be able to read the English version. When a translation is requested from you, it is important to find out exactly how they need the documents to be prepared and whether the translations will need legalising.

Apostilles for Criminal Record Checks

There has been a significant increase in the number of criminal record checks that require an apostille over recent years. As more UK citizens relocate abroad or look for employment in overseas countries there has been a greater requirement for the apostille to be used on background checks.

Organisations, companies, schools and other bodies outside the UK will often request the apostille for criminal record checks as part of their vetting criteria. If you do not have an apostille on a recently produced criminal record check then the document may not be accepted.