certificate of naturalisation

What Is A Certificate Of Naturalisation?

Under the British Nationality Act 1981 it is possible for individuals from a non-UK country to apply for British nationality. Individuals can apply for a certificate Naturalisation which is issued by the UK Border Agency if they meet strict criteria set by the UK government. Once the certificate has been issued it grants the individual the same rights as an individual who was born as a British national. This means the certificate can be used by individuals to apply for a UK passport.

What Information is Included in the Certificate?

apostille academic certificate

Legalising Academic Documents

When applying for a job in another country you may be asked to obtain an apostille for your academic certificates. We regularly issue the apostille on all sorts of academic documents including the following-

Degree Certificates
Masters Certificate
Transcripts of Study
Letters of Enrolment
Letters of Attendance
GCSE, CSE, O Level and A Level Certificates
NVQ, GNVQ, BTEC and City & Guilds Certificates
Other School, College and University Documents

apostille for non uk documents

Apostille Service for Non-UK Documents

It is possible for us to issue the apostille on documents that were not produced in the UK. However, it is important that you understand the following points.

If a document originates from a country that is a member of the Hague Convention then it is recommended that you get an apostille from that country. For example, if you require an apostille on a USA passport copy then we suggest you contact a USA apostille service provider.

Republic of Ireland Apostille Service

Documents originating from the Republic of Ireland must be legalised in the Republic of Ireland with an Irish apostille certificate. Irish documents will not be acceptable for a UK issued apostille.

Republic of Ireland issued government documents such as birth, death or marriage certificates, court or non impediment documents are to be legalised in the Republic of Ireland. Documents signed by a Republic of Ireland registered practicing solicitor or notary public must also be legalised with a Republic of Ireland issued apostille certificate.

apostille criminal record

How to Obtain a Criminal Records Check

When applying for jobs in a country outside of the UK, prospective employers may ask you to provide them with a Criminal Record Check. There are different organisations who are able to provide Criminal Record Checks and they offer different types of back ground searches. It is down to your employer to confirm exactly which level of back ground check they are expecting you to provide.

apostille cogs

Apostille for Certificate of Good Standing

Many companies find that a certificate of good standing requires an apostille. The Certificate of Good Standing (COGS) is issued by Companies House and confirms the status of the company. This documents is often requested by overseas banks, government offices and organisations. In addition to confirming the company name and number the COGS can also be used to provide evidence of the company's structure-

Directors details or LLP Member details
Secretary details
Registered office

apostille marriage certificate

Apostille for Marriage Certificates

We can issue all UK Marriage Certificates with the apostille certificate. Our service guarantees that your marriage certificate will be issued with the correct apostille. It will then be accepted when required for official use outside the UK and includes certificates from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. All UK apostilles are issued from England, there are no apostille services in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.