5 Documents Commonly Required for Overseas Marriage

Are you are planning to get married on a white sandy beach or another far away location? With so many things to plan it’s likely you have not considered which documents you may need to take with you. In addition to this, do the documents need to be legalised with the apostille?

Overseas authorities may request a variety of different documents before they will conduct your overseas marriage. Below we discuss the 5 most common documents we process for clients who are getting married abroad.

Full UK Birth Certificate

Our experience shows the overseas authorities require the ‘long Version’ birth certificate. The long version of the document is often required as it is proof of your nationality and shows greater information such as your parent’s details. You can order the apostille for your UK birth certificate here.

Certificate of No Impedimentt

The certificate of no impediment is issued by your local registry office as confirmation you are legally able to marry. However if you intend to marry in a commonwealth country the registry office may not issue the document. See our guidance on getting married in a commonwealth country or order the apostille legalisation of your document here.

Decree Absolute – If you have been married before

If you have previously been married it is common practice to provide a legalised version of your decree absolute as evidence you are officially divorced. You can order the apostille for your decree absolute here.

Statutory Declaration

A statutory declaration is a legal statement sworn in the presence of a UK solicitor or notary public. They can be made by an individual intending to marry overseas to confirm they are single and able to marry. You can order the legalisation of your statutory declaration here.

UK Passport

A legalised copy of your passport is often requested as proof of identity. The apostille cannot be issued to your original passport so a certified copy must be created. You can order the solicitor certification and apostille legalisation of your passport here.

It is common for overseas to request the documents listed above, however the regulations can vary from one country to another. We always advise checking with the authorities overseas to clarify which documents are required.

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