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UAE Embassy Document Legalisation

We are pleased to assist with legalising documents for use in the United Arab Emirates. The process of legalising documents for the UAE is also known as attestation and requires a number of steps to be completed.

The UAE attestation process varies slightly depending on which documents require the legalisation. Some documents will require solicitor certification before they can be presented to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and then finally to the UAE embassy in London. Our service ensures your documents are presented to the relevant offices in the correct format to prevent any delays with the attestation.

We can assist with the solicitor certification for the majority of UK issued documents such as degree certificates, criminal record checks etc. When this step has been completed the documents are presented for the FCO apostille legalisation and finally to the UAE embassy in London. Each stage requires the documents to be presented in the correct manner or the documents will be rejected. When using our service we will provide guidance on how to present your documents and any specific regulations the embassy may have.

In some situations, the UAE embassy in London can assist with attesting documents issued outside the UK. This is only available for countries which are British Overseas Territories (e.g. British Virgin Islands) and the documents have been issued with the apostille from the country of origin. The documents can then be legalised in the UK and with the UAE embassy in London.

We process a wide variety of documents for the people either working or doing business in the UAE. From birth certificates and education documents for people who are emigrating to the UAE, to company documents for businesses who are trading overseas or opening branches. If you are presenting your documents in the UAE contact us for a quote to attest your documents and the latest processing times.

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